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Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Simple Case of Symphony

Picture, if you will, two very different seekers of solace: one, a self-assured, independent, intelligent, deeply sad, upwardly mobile, academically accomplished, woman of colour.Used to, thankfully, and comfortable in, a Canada where both her own freedom and her own search for self-identity are both possible, (if admittedly imperfect) , possibilities, the simplicity and solace of a concert where one is simultaneously at one with, and yet apart from, others, is still a defiant miracle, despite difference.
She has still managed, despite her insane academic schedule, her absence of social life, and deep concern at an externally imploding world, to fit in a mentally self-stabilizing concert where LIVE musicians still exhibit skill, mete out meter in measured doses of self-imposed regimen, and remind her of how little she still knows, and will continue to know, as her time, age, and academic credentials increase. She hopes she always bemoans too little time and the absence of required knowledge in her continued attempts to make sane, impassioned, reasonable assessments of the collection of knowledge, hoping, in doing so, that the application of that same will mean the difference in an uncertain world. It is hard, sometimes, to imagine the instances where that is made real.

Picture, if you will, a traditional, deeply sad (although not outwardly so) older man; used to being presumed to be brave; used to being presumed to be capable, comfortable with, responsible for, and the reason for problems with and for, the aforementioned young woman. He, too, defiantly attends, surrounded by, apart from, and yet enclosed within, the cocoon of the love of the gift of music. He is troubled, hypersensitive, bothered by an absence of appreciation and opportunity for, this gift that has given him this balm. He stands guard as artist and hero, fierce in his appreciation for, recognition of, and thankfulness for, the health and safety and......a flash! My God...he prays he might sleep without thoughts of guns or bombs or dead young people. His music is now all the balm of seeking he made in all of the songs he sang loudly, yelled fiercely, played loudly....instead and in place of, Death. Music still helps him see his way through it.

Angry with himself for thinking it might be, he grows gruff in his speech; abrupt in his gestures....makes contact clumsily but without malice, aside from that which age and Death insist upon, as our movements falter, our hearts contemplate....and our minds give us three seconds to act upon, in a stadium full of people despite the seemingly insane possibility that snatching away a gun or a bomb might result in his own death. The expected bravado, turned inwards, made silly.....denied balm, with hanging head, inwardly weeping heart, the protective somewhat stern father having been denuded.......desparked.

Hypersensitive to the idea of bonking heads or making contact in a modern/ancient frustration made doubly frustrating by being misinterpreted or assimilated into excessive, somewhat combative, academic arrogance........the old hero is vanquished. The enemy is unclear, however.

Its name is Fear, and it has, for a time, destroyed them both, prevented them from speaking, made them both presume, caused them both to move uncharacteristically and suspiciously, and....denied them what they both loved, for a time: a shared Balm.

This is a tragedy. It is especially so, because it is in my country, and despite understanding every terrible thing, both unspoken, and spoken, instinctively, which leads two such different people to attend the same place, for the same reason.....

Alas....despite the beautiful accompaniment which neither was able to attend, together...

My voice is absent.     

I am wearied, and ashamed, at having been too busy to get there in time to prevent it....the absence, I mean. Shabba Ranks would understand.

Just for Laughs Montreal - Rowan Atkinson - News for the Deaf

Mr Bean in 'Torvill and Bean' | Comic Relief

[HD] Toilet (Mr. Bean)

The West Wing: C.J. Cregg - From Press Secretary to Chief of Staff

West Wing Clip

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Seven and a half minutes of unequalled excellence.

Ethel Merman, Before the Parade Passes By, Broadway Salute, 1982 TV

John Oliver & Cookie Monster Out-Takes

Putin & Obama Go On "Dr. Phil" Show

Obama & Putin Phone Conversation on "Tonight Show"

Donald Trump Calls Madea

"Jimpire" ("Empire" Parody)

Will Ferrell Gets in on Jimmy's Summer of 'Stache

Tom's Cruise on the River Thames Corden

spinal tap: listen to the flower people

Spinal Tap Indonesian Folk Music

Ricky Gervais Discovered America and Invented Reality TV

Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant - Steven Hawking

Ricky Gervais in "The Office Opera" - Red Nose Day 2009

"David Whitfield" sings Cara Mia - 1954

Bill Burr - Is There A Worse Woman In History Than Yoko Ono?!

BED PEACE starring John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Jimmy Fallon & Jack Black Recreate "More Than Words" Music Video

Jack Black sings When Doves Cry

Elvis Costello & Steve Nieve w/Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra - What's...

Friday, June 16, 2017

Top 10 Most UNFORGETTABLE Singing Auditions ALL TIME

Hilarious Synchronised Swimming Sketch

Rufus Harley - Sunny

Scotch & Soul-Rufus Harley.wmv

Jazz Musician Rufus Harley on "To Tell the Truth" (March 22, 1965)

A House is Not A Home - Sonny Rollins, Rufus Harley Live 1975

Jean-Luc Ponty - Mirage

Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart

I've Seen all Good People(studio)

Yes - Roundabout

Heart of the Sunrise by Yes in 1080p HD

Mike Oldfield 'Tubular Bells' Live at the BBC 1973 (high quality / remas...

Johnny Winter - Rock Me Baby

Johnny Winter - Johnny Winter (1969)

The Edgar Winter Group - Free Ride

Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein

George Carlin on some cultural issues.

George Carlin - Fighting Terrorists

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Funniest Thing EVER on Whose Line Is It Anyway

Funniest News Interviews Of All Time

Keeping Up Appearances / Outtakes Part 4 RARE

Peter Sellers - Pink Panther Outtakes

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's "Rhythm Nation" vs. Anthony Mackie's "2 Legit 2 Q...

Taraji P. Henson's Material Girl vs. Terrence Howard's Brick House | Lip...

Ron Burgundy Anchoring HIGHLIGHTS

The Commodores-Brick House

Jim carey does Vanilla Ice

SHE'S A BAD MAMA JAMA / Carl Carlton

Jim Carrey Plays The Guitar whilst Running for the entire interview

Jim Carrey Once Battled an Audience for 2 Hours

Jim Carrey and a Jew


White Boy Rips it at the Apollo

The Strawbs - Hold On To Me (The Winter Long) /Lyrics /HD

Pius Cheung - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence by Ryuichi Sakamoto

Mozart -Amadeus the most beautiful scene

Drumline Flight of the Bumblebee & Funky Drummer

ColdSteel P-FUNK(hampton)

Stevie Wonder - I Can't Help It (Live In Studio)

Higher Love - Lilly Winwood with Steve Winwood

Simple Minds - War Babies

Simple Minds See The Lights

The Last Farewell ~ Roger Whittaker

The Last Farewell ~ Roger Whittaker

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Warwick Davis - Full Address

Johnny Depp torturing Warwick

Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant - Steven Hawking

Funniest comedian ever !!

A Saudi, an Indian and an Iranian walk into a Qatari bar ... | Maz Jobrani

Subway performance of The Rolling stones Wild Horses by Slim Freedom

Ashley Stevenson, AKA Slim Freedom, playing When doves cry.

Subway performer stuns crowd with Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide"- Chicago, ...

Watch singer Seal Join Street Musician For duet in manchester 2016

Workman Stuns Audience With His Piano Skills

Never judge anyone by appearances GONE VIRAL

Mall Cop Tries To Kick Navy SEAL Out Of Store For Talking About God – Wa...

Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon Stun A Packed Arena

Watch The Amazing Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon Perform at the Sunse...

Bethune Cookman University

Bethune Cookman University

AAMU Marching into Magic City Classic

Jamie Foxx Unleashed - Real Church

Jamie Foxx Unleashed - Real Church

Gut busting hilarity....Jamie Foxx Piano Impersonations

Impersonation Of Famous Preachers

Tuck & Patti - TEARS OF JOY - (track 9 - mad mad me)

Tuck & Patti - TEARS OF JOY - (track 2 - takes my breath away)

The Greatest Television Interview Ever

Mean Tweets Live

Love warriors (jazz)

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Let Us Play With Your Look: Anne Hathaway (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

Jimmy Fallon - Hall and Oates Medley

Hall & Oates-Sara Smile

Donald Fagen - I.G.Y. (What a Beautiful World) (HQ)

Cousin Dupree steely dan

Steely Dan - Jack Of Speed

Simple Minds Stand By Love mp3

Simple Minds See The Lights

SIMPLE MINDS Banging On The Door

Simple Minds - War Babies

Someone somewhere in summertime by Simple Minds

Sting - Brand New Day

Flashlight - Parliament [Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2] Official Sound...

Dylan Thomas reciting his villanelle 'Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Ni...

Jabberwocks: House Concert Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight 2014The Jabberwo...

The Jabberwocks of Brown University: Skyfall 2013

Jabberwocks Commencement Concert 2015 - Use Somebody

Steely Dan - Josie - Live

Steely Dan Babylon Sisters Live

Boz Scaggs - Lowdown

In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel - Biko

Peter Gabriel - Big Time

Peter Gabriel - Steam (Secret World Live HD)

Peter Gabriel-Sledgehammer

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes / Live HQ Lyrics

Jazz Corner Of The World/Birdland - Quincy Jones (1989)

Quincy Jones the places you find love

Quincy Jones ~ Back On The Block

Stevie Wonder - Knocks Me Off My Feet

Stevie Wonder - I'll be loving you always

Stevie Wonder - A Time To Love

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Here it is again: that day when you recognize, acknowledge, and hopefully not embarass, the woman who bore you, raised you, nurtured you.......or signed all those payments you racked up when you were a kid and didn't realize your part time job would not cover the fact that you did not have a long distance plan on your brand new phone - a fact you discovered much to your shock, after an all-night conversation with your best friend, about that guy with the weird hair who played drums for the Bay City Rollers, who everyone dreamed about kissing, and ended up getting a condition called "parched paper lips" from pretending to do so repeatedly on a magazine cover. (See shared payments on Father's Day.) Many or all of the achievements noted above may not apply to the woman you regard as mother.....but many will.

But who is a mother? Why do we venerate them? What constitutes a "Mother"?

The answer is different for different people.

I am told, for instance that a "mother" is a far more venerated term, held sacredly, and truly appreciated, in comparison to the word "bitch". And although in these modern days, we frequently hear, in colourful vernacular outbursts, terms LINKED with the word "mother" , (and, often, many other words which she would probably not appreciate), most of your mothers will be the first to tell you that she is nobody's bitch. And, frankly...we believe her. We have begun to notice it, aggravatingly, in the penchant for going to work we just can't seem to shake, (also shared by our fathers), insisting on showering at least twice weekly (except during droughts, when the washcloth flick and fly lends deference to the latest cucumber and green pepper push for resources....not that we're entirely convinced that that IS, indeed, what they're growing out there....but....) Anyway...we have begun to notice, many of us, despite all manner of soul-destroying episodes in our lives, a sort of insistence on being ourselves that is annoyingly reminiscent of when we were young, and were told, "Be yourself".  Apparently, our brains subliminally insisted on absorbing this message, despite the best efforts of our screaming hormones to be exactly like everyone else, so we could do something called "fitting in". Casting our collective minds back, we realized that, indeed, none of us, after all, were Borg, and that it was BECAUSE all of us had minds, that Nellie McClung lives in history, and, also, some of us have been known to wear loose clothing and no bra when no one else is around to remind us that we don't point towards the sky, weather-vane like, quite as perkily as we used to, without the extra armour, anymore. That we really don't care that much, frankly, is a testament to all the cash we have spent pouring over plastic versions of ourselves that we finally agreed totally disagreed with our mother's admonishments that we needed to "be ourselves". It seems that that reality is not completely repulsive to everyone, after all - particularly when we decide vehemently not to join the ranks of "jam it into a size smaller so we can sprout that mid-range missile Muffin top that screams double shifts and being grateful for the late night window at Wendy's". We reject the stick and large ball on top silhouette of ourselves with studied defiance, rediscovering both the idea that it's okay that we have actual breasts, and that the world has not ended because this means we just can't wear that shit with spaghetti straps, like our pixie-shaped relatives. Ours is a Rosie Riveter love, and the Men of the Deeps will still love us. Or at least stay smart enough to fake it, as long as we pay the hydro bill.  Thus, on this day of days, we wish for our Mothers happiness, like many other important traits we have had nurtured in us by strong women, capable women, and God-fearing women (Joan of Arc, for instance, proved that she was less nuts than anyone on the field, but was still a little pissed that many of her cohorts in achieving Greatness were a little nervous around her, just because she actually admitted to asking for Guidance from the Lord - unlike everyone else, who insisted it was totally sissypants, but secretly did it anyway, just in case)

Friday, May 5, 2017

Hitler tries to find Berlin

Hitler Watches Ancient Aliens

Hitler Becomes a Wizard

Cooking with the Fuhrer!

Hitler launches Fegelein into space

Hitler's love attempt fails

Hitler Interviews Prostitutes For The SS

Hitler Rants About Miley Cyrus

Good Morning Vietnam Best Scenes

the fisher king (1991) - a brave knight HD

the fisher king (1991) - a brave knight HD

The Fisher King (4/8) Movie CLIP - A Moral Traffic Light (1991) HD

Shabba Ranks - Ram Dancehall

Shabba Ranks - Original Woman (Original)

DANCEHALL LEGENDS MIX PT 1 - Super Cat, Shabba Ranks, Chaka Demus, Cutty...

Shabba Ranks - Rough Life

Monday, May 1, 2017

They Gave A Homeless Man A Pizza, see what happens next.

Train Passengers Sing Over the Rainbow!

Flashmob: Heathrow airport welcome

Historic flashmob in Antwerp train station, do re mi

Let Mr Blue Sky In - Flashmob Cork City Ireland

Electric Light Orchestra Live in Hyde Park 2014 - MR BLUES SKY

Strawbs - The flower and the young man.(give it up for vinca

Strawbs - Heavy Disguise

Strawbs - A Glimpse Of Heaven

Strawbs - The Vision Of The Lady In The Lake

Earth, Wind & Fire - In the Stone (Audio)

Earth, Wind & Fire - I'll Write a Song for You

Genesis - Follow You, Follow Me (with lyrics)

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes / Live HQ Lyrics

Tokio Myers leaves the judges speechless with piano skills - Britain´s G...

K-os Exit (full album)

K-os Exit (full album)

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Stevie Wonder - Living for the City

Stevie Wonder - I'll be loving you always

Stevie Wonder - A Time To Love

Peter Gabriel - San Jacinto (Secret World Live HD)

Peter Gabriel - Blood Of Eden

Peter Gabriel - Mercy Street

Harry Connick Jr - Drifting

Harry Connick Jr - We Are in Love

Black River by Amos Lee

Amos Lee - Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight

Quincy Jones the places you find love

Jazz Corner Of The World/Birdland - Quincy Jones (1989)

Quincy Jones Wee B. Dooinit (Acapella Party By The Human Bean Band)

Quincy Jones ~ Back On The Block

Sting - Whenever I Say Your Name ft. Mary J. Blige

Shape of my Heart (Lyrics) [Sting]

Sting - The Book Of My Life

Sting - Inside

Sting - Ghost Story

Sting - Fill Her Up

Sting - Fill Her Up

1959 The Year that Changed Jazz

Dave Brubeck - Take Five ( Original Video)

Arrested Development - Tennessee

PM Dawn On A Clear Day

PM Dawn Comatose

PM Dawn - Paper Doll

Tracey Ullman as Celine Dion on Larry King

Tracey Ullman - Judi Dench is Finally Arrested

Special Skills Part 2

Carmel - It's All In the Game

Daniel Lanois - Here Is What Is (Live)

Daniel Lanois/Peter Gabriel - Come Talk To Me (early version)

DANIEL LANOIS - The Maker (Video)

Here Is What Is {Daniel Lanois}

U2 - Mysterious Ways

U2 - Pride (In The Name Of Love)

U2 - One

The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

U2 - Sweetest Thing

The Unforgettable Fire

Hall & Oates-Sara Smile

Commodores - Sail On

✿ THE COMMODORES - Sweet Love (1976) ✿

Ryuichi Sakamoto-Aqua

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence 2015/10/31

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence [wonderful version]

Strawbs - Hold on to Me (The Winter Long)

Strawbs - Lay a Little Light on Me - Hero's Theme

Strawbs - Hero And Heroine / Midnight Sun

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Hitler learns he can not divide by zero

Hitler tries to ask Donald Trump a question

Hitler tries to ask Donald Trump a question

Hitler Watches Ancient Aliens


P.M. Dawn-Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine

P.M. Dawn-Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine

PM Dawn - Norwegian Wood

P.M.Dawn - In The Presence Of Mirrors

PM Dawn - Paper Doll

Genesis - I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)

Genesis - Firth Of Fifth

Peter Gabriel - Biko

Peter Gabriel - Shock The Monkey (Live in Athens 1987) ~1080p HD

In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel

Deepwater Horizon

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Best of Adam Sandler

Top 10 Saturday Night Live Sketches

Celebrity Jeopardy - SNL 40th Anniversary Special

Will Ferrell Poses As Security Guard At NBA Game

Hitler is a Mall Santa

Hitler learns he can not divide by zero

hitler finds out there is no Santa

Hitler's Facebook Account Is Deleted

Hitler Is Informed His Pizza Will Arrive Late

Hitler gets the electricity bill

Hitler finds out that Brexit is happening

Hitler reacts to being compared to Donald Trump

Earth, Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland

Earth, Wind & Fire (3/16) - Lets groove

Earth, Wind & Fire (7/16) - Reason.

Van Morrison - Philosophers Stone

Van Morrison - The Healing Game

Van Morrison, George Benson, Dr John, Santana, Etta James & Tom Scott Mo...

Van Morrison, George Benson, Dr John, Santana, Etta James & Tom Scott Mo...

Van Morrison - Tupelo Honey

"She's Gone" - Rob Thomas & Daryl Hall

Grace Jones - La Vie En Rose


Jeff Lynne's ELO Performed Evil Woman & Mr. Blue Sky at 2015 Grammys Awa...